image of Mohawk Landfill 

Project: City of Brantford – Mohawk Landfill Scalehouse Replacement
Address: 20 Morrison Road, Brantford, Ontario
Description: New Build; Scalehouse Complete with New Scales
Project Value: $1.68 M
Anticipated Completion: September 2019
Owner: City of Brantford
Consultant: J.L Richards and Associates
Overview: The purpose of this project is to complete the construction of a new scalehouse and two weigh scales at the City of Brantford Mohawk Street Landfill site, 20 Morrison Road, Brantford.  

The work, in general, consists of decommissioning and demolition of existing inbound and outbound weigh scales and existing scalehouse; construction of a new scalehouse; installation of new inbound and outbound scales including construction of the associated foundation; and reworking of the existing grades, services and entrance to the landfill from Morrison Road.  The work will be completed in four stages to ensure that the existing scalehouse and scales continue to provide uninterrupted service until the infrastructure is fully operational. It also includes provision for the installation of temporary scales in the event of failure of an existing scales.