Whether you’re a previous client or just came across our website for the first time, we want to welcome you Rite Start Limited! We understand that managing a construction project is anything but an easy task. Even one innocent mistake can cost millions of dollars and years wasted. At Rite Start Limited, we simplify the process as much as possible. There’s no question that what we do is complex. But that doesn’t stop us from striving to save clients time and money by keeping their project on schedule. Keep reading to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help with your next project.

Ontario’s Preferred Commercial Contractor

We are regularly asked the question, “What makes Rite Start different from other companies in the industry?” It starts with the fact that we implement the most advanced cloud-based computing services available. We combine that with a commitment to an uncompromising level of attention. You can feel at ease knowing that we can store, backup, and secure all data that pertains to your project specifications. Not only that, but we also offer construction management services to assist with any budgeting and project calculation estimates.

The History of Rite Start Limited

A pair of former Buttcon Limited senior staff members worked to form Rite Start Limited. President James Duncan and vice president Darryl Edmonds now have an extensive pool of subtrade and suppliers. Both consist of reliable, qualified vendors who are ready to support and help with the completion of your project. As aforementioned, we use cloud-based computing to avoid costly in-house data storage. We are proud to say that our data is backed up and more secure than a stand-alone server could ever be. We take it a step further by using contractor specific software programs for accounting, project administration, and estimating. Then there’s the safety aspect. Since Rite Start Limited was founded in 2015, we have not had a workplace injury. It’s no secret that from top to bottom, we are a well-oiled machine.

Commercial Construction Services

As talented as the average commercial contractor may be, there tends to be lack of communication across the industry. We are changing the game with our commercial building contractors. From on-site communication to management communication, it’s paramount that we pay attention to every last detail.

Here are just a few things you can expect from our renovation contractor:

  1. Design build – We want to help you make the best decision possible for your business. That means looking closely at internal and external factors to create an effective project design.
  2. Lump sum contract drafting – This entails writing a contract that state the benefits and penalties of the contract should it be broken at any stage of the agreement during the project.
  3. Construction management – We will oversee your project from the time we break ground to the point of completion. The construction management phase includes all techniques, designs, and other specialized services.
  4. General contractor – Rite Start will oversee that all materials, labor, and equipment necessary for your project arrives on time.

Finding a renovation contractor or construction management firm shouldn’t be a pain. See how Rite Start can get your project off on the right foot. Contact us today.